Basma’s Story

Gazans continue to struggle in a region with massive unemployment, toxic water, and crumbling infrastructure under a blockade of land and sea for 15 years. Food and fuel enter Gaza based upon “mathematical formulas” determined by the occupying forces, in a drip-feeding fashion, or just “enough for survival” according to the Amnesty International February 2022 report Israel’s apartheid against Palestinians: a cruel system of domination and a crime against humanity. 

For Basma who lives in Gaza, and the sole support for her family of 9, life is a daily struggle to survive. Her husband is imprisoned for debt owed his creditors. Unemployed, he tried unsuccessfully to support his family and now Basma, 42, does what she can to keep food on the family table. Along with her 12-year-old son, they work collecting empty soft drink cans generating an income of approximately 5 shekels a day ($1.47).

“The problem is that after [my husband] was imprisoned, all ways were cut off for us and I was not able to find food for my children, so I went looking for a job but I didn’t find anything except collecting empty cans,” said Basma. A beneficiary of the Ramadan Food Distribution, “my life has changed” according to Basma who received two distributions containing fresh vegetables, maftoul, jam, eggs, live chickens, cheese, and more. Really, I and my children are very happy for this food basket. A lot of thanks for Kinder-USA and I hope from Kinder-USA continues to provide this assistance because it is really a very wonderful help in terms of quantities, quality and satisfy my family need.”

KinderUSA with our partner Beit Lahia are continuing fresh food distribution to 1000 families like Basma and her family. For as little as $65, you can provide fresh food to families who are doing their best to feed their children.

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