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Meet Nisreen from Shu’fat Camp

Eight-year-old Nisreen is just one of the 200 beneficiaries participating in our Nutritional Meals program at The Women’s Centre located in Shu’fat Camp, East Jerusalem. Nisreen says that she loves school but the reality is that harassment at the checkpoints has made it hard for her and her siblings to regularly attend classes. She is…

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The Occupation Must End

After 11 bloody days of bombardment, the people in Gaza are still in shock and traumatized not knowing if, or when, the bombs will rain down again. With drones flying overhead, the blockade of land, air, and sea, a ‘ceasefire’ does not translate security and stability for Gazans. The most recent human toll in Gaza…

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Protect the Rights of Palestinian People

The barbaric attack on a civilian population in Gaza has obliterated entire families while destroying medical facilities, infrastructure, homes, and entire apartment blocks, reducing them to rubble.  According to the World Health Organization significant damage to multiple health facilities in the Gaza Strip including the destruction of the Hala Al Shawa primary care clinic and…

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Ceasefire: Ready for Action

No one in Gaza is safe! Entire families have been obliterated. Medical facilities, infrastructure, homes, and entire apartment blocks have been reduced to rubble. Over 500,000 people are in need of humanitarian assistance now. KinderUSA is preparing to distribute food baskets and market vouchers to families in Gaza allowing them to shop at local stores…

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Death, Destruction, and Despair

The collective punishment and “crimes against humanity” identified by the recent Human Rights Watch report always fall on children who pay the highest price with their lives and their future. As of this writing, over 60 children have been killed in Gaza from the onslaught by one of the most advanced militaries in the world. Day after…

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Ramadan in Lebanon 2021

In Lebanon, food prices continue to increase while the people’s income capacity decreases, with Lebanon now considered having some of the most expensive food in the Middle East and North Africa. With more than 60% of Lebanese living below the poverty line, and the Lebanese pound losing 90% of its value, the state of Palestinian…

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Ramadan in Shufat Camp -East Jerusalem

In East Jerusalem, children in the Shufat refugee camp have limited space to grow and to be children in the camp’s population of 80,000.  Residents of the camp are considered Jerusalem citizens; however, they must adhere to stringent checkpoint monitoring, invasive searches, long lines, and the humiliation that accompanies the metal cages surrounding the camp through which…

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Cooking Conversation

Ashwaq’s Story

Your support remains critical during Ramadan and beyond. Without you, our work would not be possible! When Ashwaq’s husband passed away three years ago, the 37-year-old widow struggled with the arduous challenge of caring for her seven children. Unable to find employment due to her lack of skills, yet busy with the demand of caring…

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