Hammam in Gaza

Hammam, a 36 year old father of 7 is one of the families who struggles daily to feed his children. Like many fathers his age, job opportunities are non-existent so he, along with his wife, collect plastic dishes, sterilizes, and sells them for approximately $4 a day.  Living in a one room house donated to the family, he recently had to move to an UNRWA school due to the unbearable heat and elements of the summer. “I have been responsible for myself since I was 8 when my mother died. I work hard to provide food for my children and protect them from any unethical behavior,” said Hammam. His wife continues, “ We could not live like other people, we always face problems because of our bad situation. Because of this situation, we have accumulated debts which has reached $586 to the supermarket and we were not able to pay.” A recipient of the emergency distribution, 1000 families like Hamman’s received fresh vegetables, fruit, diary, and chickens just before the start of Eid al Adha. “My refrigerator was empty for a week and now I can cook fresh vegetables for my children. Words aren’t enough to express our appreciation of KinderUSA and Beit Lahia [KinderUSA implementing partner]. This wonderful food basket made my family and me very happy!” said Hammam’s wife. For 20 years, together, we have made a difference in the lives of thousands of children in Palestine and beyond. Thank you to all who continue to support the work of KinderUSA.


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