Lebanon in Crisis

“Fuel is really a problem for everyone, along with electricity. Families cannot store food, nor can they cook. As a team we made the decision to distribute prepared meals so families can eat nutritiously,” said Loubane, Executive Director of FingerPrint of Change.

Linked to the global food and fuel crisis coupled with three years of severe economic and financial crisis, Lebanon is witnessing public services failing its population while the price of food items soars out of reach for most. With the war in Ukraine where 70% of Lebanon’s wheat came from along with depleted reserves due to the explosion in Beirut’s’ port, wheat is very difficult to procure, and families wait for hours in line for bread.

Palestinians living in the camps in Lebanon are not able to secure enough food to feed their families. With prices for food, medicine, fuel and rent continuing to rise, the level of poverty among Palestinian refugees is also increasing, now recorded at 86 percent according to the United Nation.

This is equally true for Syrians in informal settlements across the country, and impoverished Lebanese many of whom are now homeless. Access to healthcare, electricity, and clean water is also out of reach with families turning to aid groups for assistance.

Our partner on the ground, FingerPrint of Change, has begun distribution of freshly prepared food to 1600 families in the camps of Sabra and Shatila and Burj el Barajneh, along with settlements in Bekaa, and the south for the month of August. The food is prepared by women who are paid a small stipend, with all the ingredients bought locally to help boost the local economy.

This is an ongoing crisis in Lebanon where the country hosts the largest number of refugees “per capita per square kilometer in the world” according to the United Nations. Like all communities in Lebanon, refugees are making difficult choices to survive such as going without meals, necessary health care, and sending children to find work instead of going to school.

KinderUSA hopes to continue this project of food assistance to the most vulnerable beyond August. but we need your help. Please consider making an online donation today of $50, $100, $250 or whatever is meaningful to you. Thank you for your continued humanity.


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Lebanon in Crisis

“Fuel is really a problem for everyone, along with electricity. Families cannot store food, nor can they cook. As a team we made the decision

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