Another Assault on Gaza

The ongoing assault on Gaza has killed tens of Palestinians, including six children, with hundreds more injured and left homeless. Innocent children and families always feel the force of the violence suffering death of loved ones and psychological damage for untold years.
KinderUSA suspended two of our projects to protect our partners and beneficiaries. The emergency food distribution for families still trying to recover from the 2021 assault and Covid. Also, the Palestinian Music Festival for the children in Khan Younis, home to where a five-year-old innocent girl was killed. Our staff and partners are huddled at home, along with all Gazan’s, fearful of the next target.
KinderUSA emergency food distribution will resume once it is safe for staff and beneficiaries to move about. With Gaza in a state of perpetual humanitarian crisis, the situation is desperate: more than 80% of the population is in need of aid with a 15 year blockade of land, air, and sea coupled with successive wars. The Music Festival for children will regroup and determine the best opportunity for the children to gather together outdoors for a day of fun and entertainment.

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