Vision & Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of Palestinian children and other children in crisis through development and emergency relief.


To meet the challenges posed by food insecurity in Palestine, KinderUSA developed the Ramadan Farmers Project. Our signature Ramadan program provides the opportunity for marginalized, needy farmers in Gaza to earn an income cultivating their lands. The project also empowers female heads of household to run their own businesses, providing training and income while also boosting the local economy.

Key features of the Ramadan Project include the following:

  • Sourcing fresh produce from 70 farmers, men and women who have received the necessary ingredients to cultivate their lands to provide the food that will be used to fill the ‘food baskets’.
  • Empowering 36 female heads of household through an income generation program that provides vocational training in the breeding of chickens for roasting and egg laying. We purchase fresh eggs and live chickens directly from these women, who then go on to run successful poultry businesses.
  • Working directly with 40 women-run cooperatives, we purchase freshly prepared cheese, zataar, doqqa, and jams, thereby providing these women with an income to care for their families.
  • The live chickens, fresh dairy, fresh vegetables, and other products go into a ‘basket’ that will feed a family of 8-10 people, mostly children, to be distributed twice during the month of Ramadan.
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