Kinder’s Emergency Food Giving

Zana, a mother of 9, was abandoned by her husband 3 years ago, unable to cope with the various medical needs several of his children needed and no funds to meet the demands. “He left me facing life alone after discovering that his children suffer from a severe deficiency in the immune system. I am facing my destiny alone without any help”, said Zana to our representatives on the ground. Now In our final stages of KinderUSA’s Emergency Food Distribution, our effort helps to fill the gap in nutrition for families like Zana and her children. The family lives in a 3-room house that is in need of repair from a fire in May 2014 and the assault on Gaza in May 2021. The roof of their home has metal sheets which forces them to leave in the summer from the excessive heat and to live with cold and rain in the winter. The Emergency Food Distribution program is a continuation of our Ramadan distribution. Targeting 1000 families with no or limited income living in 12 marginalized areas of Gaza. Families are receiving fresh vegetables, fruit, dairy, chickens, and more. The project contracts 20 small scale farmers and 10 women cooperatives who equally benefit through the work provided, caring for their own families. “I was super happy when I received a message [on the distribution], in that time my refrigerator was empty. When we received the food basket, we were all very happy and I felt the world was better. It contained 18 different types of fresh vegetables, including chicken and eggs,” said Zana.


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