Gaza Summer Camp 2022

A recent report published by Save the Children (SC) found that four out of five children in Gaza suffer from depression, sadness, and fear resulting from a 15-year blockade that witnessed “six life threatening situations” which includes deadly assaults on the population and a pandemic.

KinderUSA is providing some relief with our Gaza summer camp for children in partnership with Beit Lahia. More than 1400 children are participating in basketball, mural painting, cultural competitions, and more. One young man, Ameer, aged 10, has had a very difficult life after his father left the family and he is now being raised by his grandparents. The SC report identifies caregivers’ inability to care for their children physically and psychologically with some leaving rather than face what they perceive as failure.

Wanting to join all the activities provided, Ameer was overwhelmed with joy. “What a day, this is one of my best days ever; I’m thrilled to be here, I like singing, and I asked the coach to give me the microphone to sing; I hope next time I will come with my sister, words cannot describe my happiness,” Ameer said!

In the forward of the SC report children wrote that “they want Gaza to be a safe and beautiful place where they can live in peace.” So do we.

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