Thank You From Lebanon

Life in Lebanon is difficult for most people the economic free fall, COVID-19, and the conflict next door in Syria. Palestinian and Syrian refugees live 88 percent below “minimal survival conditions,” according to a UN representative. Many families are food insecure with both petrol and food prices soaring and out of reach for most placing 4 in every 5 people in poverty. Children are always the most vulnerable with limited access to healthcare, education, shelter, and necessary nutrition.

“More than half of families report that their child has had to skip meals, and hundreds of thousands of children are out of school,” according to an UN expert. “If the situation does not improve immediately, an entire generation of children will be sacrificed.”

For 8 year old El Soloh who lives with his family of 5 siblings in Bourj el-Barajneh Camp in the suburbs of Beirut, a life of poverty has affected every aspect of their living conditions. His father used to work as a taxi driver but once fuel prices soared, he could no longer afford to drive and returned his rented vehicle leaving him unemployed for over a year.

Recipients of the Ramadan food distribution, El Soloh’s family found the pleasure they once knew around the iftar (breaking of fast) table. “Soloh and his siblings reminisced back to a time when their father would come home and discuss the days work, with their mother preparing a nutritious meal,” said Loubane Tay Executive Director of FingerPrint of Change, KinderUSA implementing partner. “KinderUSA not only secured a much-needed meal but also quality time during the holy month of Ramadan within the hard conditions Palestinians face in Lebanon,” Loubane continued. ”

In Lebanon your donations provided meals to 2080 Palestinian, Lebanese, and Syrian families. For the children in Sabra, Shatila, and Baraj el Barajneh camps, including surrounding neighborhoods an Eid (Holiday) Festival including face painting, clowns, games, and gifts was organized. Thank you to all who made this Ramadan a memorable one for all the children we served!

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