Ramadan and the Cruelty of Occupation

With every turn, Nour faces a new hurdle. Supporting a family of 6 in an area of Gaza that still sits under rubble from successive wars, Nour does what he can to care for his family.

From working construction to collecting items for recycling, Nour did anything to feed his family until Covid took over and shook the world.

“My children have medical needs as well as food needs. I have to choose with the funds I receive from the Social Ministry,” says Nour. “My children, like all children, dream and talk of what foods they want for Ramadan. I have nothing. It was so difficult for me to face them. Then I was informed of the KinderUSA distribution we would receive. Alhumdulilah!”

Nour and his family received live chickens, fresh fruit and vegetables, freshly prepared cheese, eggs, and date filled pastries prepared by women working from their homes. Enough food to sustain them for the entire month.

“When I learned my family would benefit, I felt I could breathe again! You have helped me and my children and we feel truly blessed during this holy month. Thank you, KinderUSA, and everyone who has thought of our family this time.”

For many Palestinian families, our modest food distributions provide a ray of hope amidst the bleak uncertainty of life in Gaza. The need is great, and our efforts together have made a difference in the lives of thousands of Palestinian children and their loved ones.

The current assault on Palestine is indefensible. 15 children are dead in Gaza. While the world watches, lives, homes, and religious institutions are being destroyed in direct contravention of international law.

“Once again, Palestinians are experiencing the cruelty of the occupation and vicious assaults as they are fasting this Ramadan. We are unwavering in our support and call upon all people of conscience to challenge these heinous crimes against innocent children, peaceful worshippers, and others who are victims of a policy of collective punishment,” Dr. Laila Al-Marayati, Chairperson KinderUSA.

Turning a blind eye and ignoring the plight of the Palestinian people is a betrayal to all humanity.

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