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Your support remains critical during Ramadan and beyond. Without you, our work would not be possible!

When Ashwaq’s husband passed away three years ago, the 37-year-old widow struggled with the arduous challenge of caring for her seven children. Unable to find employment due to her lack of skills, yet busy with the demand of caring for all her children, there were days when Ashwaq had no food for her young family to eat. She relied on the efforts of her 14-year-old son to work the fields and provide for the family.  After an injury to her son’s hand, Ashwaq struggled, once again, to provide food for the family. “Many days we just ate bread given to us,” Ashwaq explained.

The Gifts of Dignity, Empowerment, and Independence

At the beginning of 2020, Ashwaq became a beneficiary of the KinderUSA Women Empowerment Chicken Farming Project, which changed the lives of her and her family. The program provided her with the training, tools, medications, and live poultry. Ashwaq was a supplier to the Kinder USA Ramadan Food Parcel Program last year and this year, as well. The COVID-19 pandemic has reduced economic opportunities, but the women who raised and sold chickens to KinderUSA over the last 16 months were able to provide much-needed protein to their community while earning an income for their families. This program has multiple benefits in offering sustenance to families in need, stimulating the local economy, and empowering women heads of households.

Your Chance to Make a Difference

The KinderUSA Ramadan Program is distributing fresh food to impoverished families, daily, throughout the month of Ramadan. Our goal is to reach 2000 families of eight or more. However, in the past, we have successfully exceeded this goal and assisted more families year after year! This effort is only made possible with help of our generous donors.  If you have not already, we urge you to make an online donation today for $130 to feed an entire family for one month. However, a thoughtful contribution in any amount will benefit the people we serve. Thank you for your humanity and compassion this Ramadan and always.

I am very happy with this project. I have an income source to care for my children. Thank you to all who support this project. Ramadan Kareem!” – Ashwaq

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