On The Brink Of Catastrophe

Although no longer in the international spotlight, the humanitarian crisis in Palestine continues unabated. In Gaza, food insecurity impacts 7 out of 10 people due to widespread poverty and high unemployment. As the strangulating blockade approaches its twelfth year, the overall health and well-being of the civilian population continue on a downward spiral.

Meanwhile, the twin blows of funding cuts to the UNRWA and the discontinuation of USAID assistance for Palestine have led to even more misery among large swaths of the population dependent on outside aid for survival. Fuel shortages have contributed to the suffering, crippling the health system, while rolling blackouts play havoc on every aspect of life. According to reports, 97% of Gaza’s water aquifers are contaminated, providing water unsuitable for drinking. The end result of this completely avoidable, man-made crisis is that gastrointestinal diseases account for 12% of all deaths in children under 4 years of age.

Indeed, no aspect of Palestinian life has been unaffected by this crisis. Two million people in Gaza survive on the brink of catastrophe, and the future of thousands of children remains at risk.

While families scramble to survive, KinderUSA continues to deliver food to indigent families and provide meals for school children in Gaza. We believe that our work today is more essential than ever as Palestinians are assailed from all sides in what can only be viewed as a sustained effort to crush the indomitable spirit of resilience and uproot Palestinians from their intimate connection to their land.

Over the years, you have generously supported KinderUSA in our work on behalf of needy children in Palestine and helped promote innovative projects that promote independence and sustainability. When others have shied away, you have stepped forward, upholding the belief that all children – including the children of Palestine – deserve the opportunity to live and thrive in a safe environment that offers hope for a better future.

Please consider making an online tax-deductible contribution of $25, $50, $100, or whatever is meaningful to you. Many employers match employee gifts to KinderUSA which is a way to double or in some instances triple your donation. Together, InshaAllah, we can continue to deliver hope.


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