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As 2018 comes to an end, we are sad to report that living conditions in Gaza continue to get worse, taking an unfathomable toll on the population.  Unemployment is over 55%, with youth unemployment at 75%, while most who do get paid receive only half their wages.  Many families live on $1 a day, at best. Over 95% of the water supply is now undrinkable due to the persistent lack of electricity limited to about 4 hours per day. The land, sea, and air blockade is now in its 12th year, sealing Gaza off from the rest of the world.

Children in Gaza are caged in a toxic slum from birth to death, where they are being suffocated out of hope, out of life, out of any sense for progress.

One year from now, Gaza will be “unlivable” as determined by the United Nations.  Officials recently reconsidered their prediction about 2020 by saying “We’ve been optimistic about this deadline. Gaza is already, in fact, unlivable.”

Despite the hardships, we at KinderUSA are inspired and motivated by the determination and perseverance of our partners and beneficiaries in Gaza.  We continue to promote the empowerment of women heads of household by focusing on self-sustainability. KinderUSA provides them with the education and tools they need to begin chicken farming and then we are their first customer, purchasing the eggs and chickens to use for our emergency food distribution program serving Gaza’s neediest families.  With your support, we hope to extend this project into 2019 and beyond.

Your donation will continue to enable women to begin their own business, generating an income to care for their children: $170 will buy 200 chickens to get them started; $45 will buy a water tank to feed the chickens; and $25 will buy enough chicken feed to last a 4-month period. To date, KinderUSA has provided 74 women with the necessary skills and tools needed to operate their own business.

Um Mohammed from South of Gaza told our field representative, “Before the project I was very sad because I am the breadwinner of my family ( 8 members ) and my husband left me 3 years ago. I am alone and my house lacks of everything. Today I have an income, I am very happy, I am productive woman and I depend on myself. The project restores my own confidence and gives my children a future”.

Please consider a year-end donation to ensure that this project continues. We at KinderUSA send you the warmest wishes for a new year of peace, hope, and security.

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