Story of Hope from Rafah

During Ramadan, KinderUSA provided fresh food to over 2400 families, approximately 19,000 children, women, and men who live in the most extreme conditions. One of our beneficiary family’s is Zahran, a father caring for 11 children who range in age of 3-24 years old.

Though the eldest son, Ibrahim, graduated from College, he like his father and over 45% of the population in Gaza, women over 66%, are unemployed.

The family lives in a 3 room ‘house’ covered in metal sheeting in one of the most vulnerable and marginalized areas of Rafah where there is no infrastructure or functioning sewage network. Dangerously close to the border, Zahran worries daily for his children playing outside for fear of becoming a target.

Unable to feed his family, Zahran worked the fields in agriculture in exchange for food, but he lost this job when Coronavirus impacted the area, closing most of the economy. He now survives on $40 a month of food aid along with modest funds from the Social Development ministry.

“I do my best to provide for my children, especially buying diapers which cost $50 per month, that requires a special budget but, I feel helpless because I have no incomes. The food for Ramadan allowed me to provide healthy food for my children and not borrow money for one month.”

Zahran has expressed his gratitude but looks to the future and how they will manage. “God willing, we will find work soon. For now, thank you to all who keep us in their prayers.”

KinderUSA wishes all our donors a peaceful, happy, Eid al Adha and that you are rewarded for the sacrifices you have made and continue to make along with the good deeds you do for the children and families we serve. Eid Mubarak!

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