Lebanon Emergency Relief

The horrific explosion that decimated the Karatina seaport Tuesday in Beirut, Lebanon has left thousands wounded and while the death toll continues to climb, the latest count is over 100. The country’s hospitals have already been stretched to the limits with COVID-19 patients, and coupled with the financial collapse, has been warning of shortages. Now, medical facilities are in dire need of disposables, PPE, trauma, and surgical intervention. In the coming days, it will become clear what more is needed.

KinderUSA is partnering with MAP UK and Palestine Red Crescent Society to support the emergency responders who are using their medical teams, ambulances, and hospitals to help treat the wounded. Immediate needs according to staff on the ground include oxygen masks, intravenous fluids, bandages, suture materials, disinfectants, and more.

Please help us to coordinate this effort to bring relief to the Lebanese people who are quick to open their doors and hearts to those in need. Make an online donation today choosing Lebanon Emergency Relief. KinderUSA will keep you updated as information unfolds. Thank you.

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