Providing Families in Gaza with Sustainability

Speaking after a recent visit to Palestine, UN Special Rapporteur Michael Lynx declared that in Gaza, “Residents are deprived of their most basic rights, including the rights to health, to education, and most recently, in attempting to exercise their right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, they were deprived of the right to life.”

Indeed, it bears repeating that Gaza has been under a constant air, sea, land, and economic blockade for over eleven years and a suffocating campaign that has deprived the civilian population of basic necessities including food, clean water, and electricity that many of us take for granted in the modern age.


As a modest response to the pervasive poverty and economic distress experienced by Palestinians living in Gaza, KinderUSA has embarked on a chicken farming micro-enterprise project that empowers female heads of households. The initial stage of the project began in March with 38 households and continued through the end of June.

One of our beneficiaries, 48-year-old Nisreen, supports a family of 5 boys and 3 girls, one of whom is physically challenged and requires special care at home. As the sole provider for her family, Nisreen spoke about how the chicken farming project has changed her life and her children’s lives.

“The project is rare in Gaza. They provided me with everything I needed to start and continue the business. I received 200 chicks until I sold them and did not pay any dollars. I sold 165 of the chickens back to KinderUSA for Ramadan and after, they gave me 200 more. I was able to buy food and clothes for my children. My girls were so excited since it’s been a long time since they received new clothing! Alhumdulilah (thank God), I succeeded and was able to share my earnings and some food as charity with my neighbor.”

Now, KinderUSA hopes to replicate this success with 38 new families for a period of 4-5 months, providing the same education, training, tools, and 200 chicks to female heads of household. For a little more than $400 a month, we are helping provide an income to indigent families in Gaza, providing sustainability and offering the hope of a more secure future.

Over the past decade, the blockade of Gaza has had a devastating impact on the well-being of Palestinian children.  With your generous support, KinderUSA will continue to work on behalf of these vulnerable children, providing small pockets of hope in a sea of misery.

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