Meet Nisreen from Shu’fat Camp

Eight-year-old Nisreen is just one of the 200 beneficiaries participating in our Nutritional Meals program at The Women’s Centre located in Shu’fat Camp, East Jerusalem. Nisreen says that she loves school but the reality is that harassment at the checkpoints has made it hard for her and her siblings to regularly attend classes. She is an orphan whose mother struggles to make ends meet with the 530 Shekels that she earns monthly from sewing.

Nisreen, her mother, and four siblings live in a one-room tin hut in the Bedouin village of Khan Al Ahmar. They struggle to make ends meet and sometimes do not have enough money to even buy the basic necessities including fuel for electricity. Nisreen and her siblings have benefitted from our Healthy Meals Initiative that provides healthy meals daily that they would not benefit from if not for the program.

Even though Nisreen and her siblings’ educational needs are at risk due to the occupation, KinderUSA has provided them with consistent meals to meet their developmental needs. There are countless children in the West Bank and the surrounding areas that are in need of the same assistance as Nisreen and her siblings.

By supporting KinderUSA you are providing these children with a chance to develop and grow up healthy, providing them with a chance at a content and robust life.


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