Living in darkness

Gaza residents have had their daily electricity usage reduced further after the only power station in Gaza stopped operating. Official reports of reductions from eight hours a day to just six, jeopardizes every aspect of life in Gaza.

Water and sanitation services have been severely affected with many households experiencing reduced flow or no water at all. Hospitals are being forced to significantly reduce essential services, relying on backup generators which will come to a close if funding for fuel is not secured immediately

Approaching Ramadan, our signature Farmers and Women Cooperative program, is being affected just as all aspects of life. “We really only have 4 hours of electricity a day”, according to Hana KinderUSA Country Coordinator. “

Gazan residents are caught in the middle of an ongoing “dispute” between the Palestinian authorities in Gaza and Ramallah in addition to the effects of numerous wars and the ongoing blockade. With Ramadan around the corner, our Farmers are struggling to meet the demand of a population – over 80% – reliant on aid. With the power outages, the irrigation system cannot function properly and crops will be lost.

Most of our beneficiaries lost their homes and their livelihoods during Ramadan 2014. There is a profound sense of frustration and hopelessness throughout Gaza where unemployment is the highest in the world and now they sit once again in darkness. Without a political solution, humanitarian aid is simply drip feeding the population.

We are witnessing so many tragedies across the globe, and are humbled by your continued support of children and their families who rely on us to help them survive in Gaza.

“Your support at this critical time will help sustain children throughout Ramadan and beyond,” said Dr. Laila Al-Marayati, KinderUSA chairperson. Please help us help them and reach our Ramadan goal of raising $250,000 that will go directly to needy families.”

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