Lebanon In Darkness

Lebanon has fallen into an economic and financial collapse which the World Bank describes as one of the top three global crises since the mid 20th century. The Central Bank has cut subsidies, further disrupting the livelihoods of Lebanese, Palestinian, and Syrian residents who suffer from the fallout. Long queues for fuel are a current fixture, with essential public services primarily non-existent.

Currently, families lack water and electricity for lighting, generators are considered a luxury, and fuel is scarce, with the cost steadily increasing. Daily blackouts are a norm, with residents experiencing up to 22 hours a day without electricity, limiting shop owners from offering dairy products in their stores. The amount of food available for children in their homes is insufficient, and many families experience hunger and severe food insecurity. Over four million people, including one million refugees, are at grave risk of losing drinkable water.

Prices continue to rise to unattainable levels for the most basic necessities. A bag of bread can cost a months’ wages for some residents. As of June, nearly 80% of the population lacks sufficient funding to purchase food, which directly impacts children, causing them to miss meals and go to bed hungry.

Our Relief Efforts in Action

KinderUSA and its implementing partner on the ground, FingerPrint of Change, are focusing on providing immediate relief and have started distributing food to areas surrounding Beirut, Bekaa Valley, the South, and Palestinian camps and surrounding informal settlements.

At this time, women are preparing freshly cooked, nutritious meals containing rice, chicken or beef, vegetables, yogurt, bread, and fruit to 670 families in need. These same women will prepare “mouneh,” following a Lebanese tradition of preserving foods that require no refrigeration or further preparation. Families will also receive dry rice, lentils, and canned meat to carry them through the winter months. All items necessary for this project will be purchased in the local distribution markets to support the region. The youth living in the North and South camps will be paid a stipend to distribute the food.

KinderUSA stresses the urgency of humanitarian support to prevent the needless and unforeseen suffering of children going forward. Lebanon is in a freefall, and families are on the brink of hunger.

“One of the beneficiaries felt relieved because for today, he no longer had to think about how to secure a meal for his children, and a woman in Sabra Camp began to cry when she saw us coming with food saying she almost forgot the taste of fruit,” said Loubane Tay Executive Director of FingerPrint of Change.

How You Can Make an Impact, Today:

As little as $25 a month for a family of four or more, less than a dollar a day, your donation will carry these families through this challenging period in Lebanon.

You can join the effort to extend our reach by donating today. Your support means so much to those in need, so please give whatever is meaningful to you. Thank you.


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