Empowering Women, Ramadan 2020

An integral part of our Ramadan food distribution program is the Chicken Farming Women Empowerment Project. The blockade, now in its 14th year, coupled with the crisis we are facing globally has demonstrated women are affected both at home and in the economy. In Palestine, 20% of all female-headed households live in deep poverty and are unable to fulfill the minimum requirement for food and shelter. In Gaza, that number increases with over 70% of the women unemployed, making them the most vulnerable and marginalized.

Raising her 7 school-aged children alone while supporting her invalid parents, Shorouq is a single mother living in Gaza. Finding a job is virtually impossible due to her lack of education and formal work experience, especially being located in an area with one of the highest unemployment rates in the world. Forced to drop out of school at 11, she worked any job she could in order to feed her family, going daily to the agriculture fields to pick vegetables to earn pay in food and at times, a modest stipend. Living in Gaza is hard enough, but as a single mother, the hurdles are daunting.

Shorouq is one of 34 women participating in KinderUSA Women Empowerment Chicken Farming Project. After receiving schooling from veterinarians, tools, and all necessary supplies, including 200 baby chicks, the business is up and running and KinderUSA is her first customer. Buying live chickens and eggs for our Ramadan food distribution at an amount above market price gives the women in this program an opportunity to start caring for their families and put food on the table.

“With a steady source of income from the chicken project, I will be able to meet the needs of my family and work from my home. I can care for my children in a good way and provide all their needs, inshallah,” said Shorouq. “Every day we give thanks for this business and that my children will be food secured in Ramadan and beyond, which is my highest ambition!”

Our Ramadan Farmers Food Distribution is fully operating. The gratitude by the recipients for healthy food that sustains them during this blessed month strengthens our resolve to continue, and reminds us of how much we have to be thankful for with supporters like you!

Our goal this Ramadan is to reach 2500 Families in 15 of the most marginalized areas of Gaza. Please, commit to at least one Family this Ramadan for $130.

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