Empowering Mothers During Ramadan

Seventy percent of the workforce in rural areas of Gaza is performed by women as laborers. Many of these women will do most anything to feed their families, earning sometimes as little as $1 a day. Working with our partner the Palestine Environmental Friends (PEF), KinderUSA funded through generous donors the Women Empowerment through farming project. The project creates independence for women, builds their capacities, and empowers them economically to care for their families.


Mariam, a mother of 8, lives in Khan Younis. Without an education and a family to feed, Mariam was thrilled to be chosen as a beneficiary of the farming project. Producing zucchini and other vegetables for sale in the open market, the family works together securing their livelihood.

This helped me a lot to cover my family expenses and needs and to provide my children with food, clothes, toys and to allow them to access health services and complete their education”.

Haneen also lives in the Khuza’ area of Khan Younis supporting a family of 5 with no source of income. She applied for the farming project hoping to be selected after attending an introductory workshop.

“I felt extremely happy once my name was announced and I was selected as a beneficiary in this project!”

Receiving all the necessary tools and training, Haneen farms zucchini and other vegetables in addition to Kohlrabi, rarely seen in Gazan farms.

Everyone was surprised by this strange plant in the area, which I consider as an (integrated pharmacy) on its own, for all of its health benefits. I’m really thankful for KinderUSA and PEF who supported me to make this success possible!“, Haneen concluded.

Thank you to all who helped to provide economic sustainability for these women and their children. Our Ramadan Fresh Food distribution continues throughout the month. If you have not already, please consider making an online donation today.
Thank you!

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