Bringing Unique Therapy Options to the Children of Palestine

The Palestinian population continues to face extraordinarily difficult conditions all of which hinder proper psychosocial development.  Years of war, human rights violations, food insecurity, and extreme poverty have only been exacerbated by COVID-19.  These miserable conditions have an immense psychological impact, especially for children who are now quarantined with little to no social interaction.  Families have taken on the additional burden of having to home school children, adding to the strain of an already fragile familial system. 
KinderUSA partners with Yes Theatre, a grassroots Palestinian organization, which focuses on providing a theatre-based therapeutic approach to address the growing gaps in the mental health of Palestinian children.  Specifically, their program Drama4Healing, utilizes psychological interventions based on drama, theatre, therapy, and counseling to engage children in drama and art-therapy workshops. 
Participation in these workshops exposes children to therapeutic teachings they would otherwise never have an opportunity to partake in.  The lessons give children the chance to express their frustrations, learn coping mechanisms, and engage with their peers.  Each workshop provides stabilization to children whose mental state would otherwise go unaddressed. 
The goal of Yes Theatre this year is to target 200 children, both male and female, who have been previously detained and/or affected negatively by COVID-19.  A total of 20 workshops will be held throughout the entire year, offering promising chances for these children to grow and find the stabilization and mental wellness they deserve.  A donation of $100 will support a child throughout the entire year, allowing them access to the necessary tools needs to improve their overall mental wellbeing.  Your support of $100 will provide a child access to all 20 workshops, a year worth of psychological improvement. 
Your continued support throughout the years helps make all our work possible.  We are able to successfully provide hope and growth for the children of Palestine because of your generosity.

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