Ramadan in Gaza one year later

Mohammad G.M. is the father of six children all under the age of 9.  Living in Gaza, he is unemployed and has difficulty finding work due to a disability caused by a nerve disorder in his legs.  He and his family live in a home made of metal sheeting that is considered uninhabitable and unsafe.

“We must depend on aid because I can’t work due my nerves and inability in my leg to move. I have no resources of income. We are sitting outside the house because of the very high temperatures inside,” said Mohammad.

A beneficiary of the KinderUSA Ramadan Farmers Project, Mohammad expressed his appreciation and noted that since receiving the first distribution, “you cannot imagine the happiness that entered our home for the first time in a long time. My wife said it will meet all their needs.”

“For my children, it seems today is Eid for us because a long time ago we didn’t eat meat or chicken or eggs or cheese. We just cannot buy it and have not.”

Mohammad and his family are just one family in the sea of need where KinderUSA’s distribution is taking place throughout the month of Ramadan.

Most of our beneficiaries lost their homes and their livelihoods one year ago due to the war which left over 100,000 homeless.There is a profound sense of hopelessness throughout Gaza where unemployment is the highest in the world, the healthcare sector is in shambles,  over 120,000 are without clean water, and rubble spans as far as the eye can see.

Without a political solution, humanitarian aid will not solve the devastation witnessed in Gaza though for some, it is the only means of support for their children.  The blockade must end along with the inaction from the international community.

“Until that happens,” said Dr. Laila Al-Marayati, KinderUSA Chair, “we will continue to support the families in Gaza who rely on us to help them survive one day at a time.”

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