What is KinderUSA?
KinderUSA is an acronym for Kids In Need of Development, Education & Relief. Kinder is the German word for children, however, many of our donor’s prefer to say kinder as in gentler, humane, and warm natured, all of which we are! How ever you prefer to pronounce it, the work is the same: for the children. Established for the specific purpose of coming to the aid of children in conflict or natural disaster regardless of ethnicity or religious belief. KinderUSA accomplishes this mission through the initiation of health, educational, and rehabilitation programs for children and their families.

How much of my donation goes towards the programs?
KinderUSA strives to make the best use of every dollar ensuring that no more than 18% of every donation goes toward administrative and logistical costs. This is the maximum allowable as stipulated in our by-laws, and is not necessarily the case for every project where our costs will run no more than 10%. We take very seriously our responsibility to the children and strive towards maximum efficiency in managing the gifts entrusted to us in their behalf.

Does KinderUSA only help Muslim children?
No. KinderUSA is an independent, humanitarian non-governmental organization concerned with the alleviation of suffering of ALL children irregardless of ethnicity or religious beliefs.

Where we work?
KinderUSA is committed to helping children in need wherever the call may come from across the globe, as guided by our donor’s. Currently, our work is focussed on the children in the West Bank, Gaza and the Palestinian refugees living in refugee camps in Lebanon. As we grow, so will our presence across the globe, with your help.

Has the U.S. government approved KinderUSA as a legitimate charity?
Yes, the Internal Revenue Service of the United States Treasury Department ruled on January 7, 2003 that Kinder-USA is recognized as an exempt organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Has KinderUSA updated its information for review by the Internal Revenue Service?
Yes, Kinder-USA files an annual 990 Informational Tax Return, which discloses program activities, income and expenses. The 990 Informational Tax Return is filed with the Internal Revenue Service each year and is available for public inspection.

How can we be sure that the finances of KinderUSA are reliable?
The Board of Directors of KinderUSA authorizes an independent annual audit of its books and records by a Certified Public Accountant. The financial practices and procedures have been determined to represent fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of KinderUSA and changes in its net assets and its cash flows in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America. (Independent Auditors Report, June 9, 2003)

Where does the money come from to fund these programs?
At the present, our funding is from private donor’s who share our commitment to children.

What steps do the staff and Board of Directors take to maintain a high level of accountability?
The staff and Board work closely with their attorney and with their CPA to develop appropriate measures to ensure accountability. The staff and Board of Directors have completed training in nonprofit corporation best practices, including their roles and responsibilities for oversight of the programs and finances of KinderUSA.
KinderUSA has participated in Best Practices for Charities (April 10, 2004, Chicago, IL), sponsored by the Islamic Society of North America and participated in the Initial Outreach Event for U.S. Based Charities, hosted by the United States Department of Treasury.

Does my state regulate charities in addition to the federal government regulations?
Yes, most states have additional registration requirements for US-based charities. KinderUSA is a registered charity in each and every state in the United States that requires registration.